Scam Report Of Shubh Mangal Rishton ki Duniya - A fraud marriage Bureau In Delhi

Unknown to many Indians a large number of marriage scams occur regularly , with many innocents becoming victims. Scamsters like Shubh Mangal - Rishton Ki Duniya, Shahdara take advantage of the hesitation of victims to come forward and share details or file complaints about these fraud matrimonial agencies.  For us, respect in the eyes of society is important and we go to any extent to protect it, even if it means that we are being cheated by people. It is time we became aware of such happenings and alerted others about the tactics employed by dubious agents and agencies.  For us, marriage is a very important milestone in our life and if we end up getting cheated, we do not make a big hue and cry, but try to adjust and get on with our lives, by swallowing our hurt and trying to cut our losses. And professional cheaters seem to be aware of our weaknesses and our reactions to some situations.  They take advantage of our silence and inaction, and deprive us of our hard earn

Guard Yourself From Swindlers Who Operate Scam Matrimonials

To err is human. This should never be an excuse to get cheated. You can make a wrong choice or a mistake, but to fall for the victim to cheats is something that needs to be avoided. And marriage has become one of the easiest ways for agencies to entrap people and cheat them of their hard earned money.  Unlike a purchase of a product, marriage is something different – we look forward to sharing the rest of our life with someone and raising a family. A marriage is a dream that everyone wants to come true.  Unfortunately, there are rotten people who are hell-bent on destroying our dreams and taking our money along with it. Here is what I experienced at the hand of one agency . When it comes to choosing a partner, most people look for matrimonial sites and bureaus, and that is what I chose.  I came across an ad for Shubhmangal Matrimonial Services in Shahdara located at 1/352, Shriram Nagar, GT Road, Near UCO Bank, Shahdara, Delhi . I have to accept that they are devilishly